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"Your write up is awesome. It literally brought tears to my eyes. It was beautifully written..."

Shoana Clarke-Sayeh, Owner Cachelle Ink & Author of Liberia Smiles 

"We will contact you in the future when we have a new project. I was a pleasure working with you."

Connie Fowler, Co-Owner VioVio.com

"Personality on a Page's (POP)  work is superb! They were able to condense my wordy two-page resume into one-page. Prior to the critiquing my resume the consultant spent an ample amount of time to understand my current career blueprint and future roadmap: skills, interests, values, etc. They then applied the information I provided to revise my resume and present me with recommendations that enhanced my job search."

T. Odesanya, Professional

"I was just reaching out and also wanting to thank you again for the AMAZING job that P.O.P. did on my resume. Did I mention that the very first job interview that I went on, I got hired?! That's right! In the interview, my new boss kept saying how impressed he was with my resume, so, that made it that much easier for me to sell myself to the company. P.O.P. truly did capture my personality as well as my future goals in my resume. Thank you sooooooo much, and i'm going to tell everyone about you..."

A. Shaffer, Professional

"Personality on a Page (POP) was very useful in helping me highlight important accomplishments on my resume, by asking me questions in regards to my career goals and accomplishments. Additionally, POP was very diligent in helping me find opportunities either through their personal network or through online job sites. I was quite impressed by how quickly OP was able to find the opportunity that aligned with my career goals."

Personality on a Page Resume Revision Client